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Wallbangers Gourmet Burgers

Welcome to Wallbangers Burgers Restaurant! We've got everything you're looking for, from a classic burger, to fusion flavors and toppings like eggs, mac & cheese and even chips!

A Mac n Cheesy burger from Wallbangers
A Bacon Burger from Wallbangers

At Wallbangers, we know what goes into our food. Everything is made from scratch, here in our restaurant. Yep — including the freshly toasted buns! We're all about quality ingredients, like fresh vegetables, delicious smoked ham, caramelized onions and ripe avocados.

Our ground chuck all beef patties are no exception. We use a proprietary blend of cuts to get you the juiciest meat that will leave your mouth salivating for more. Wallbangers Burgers is the place where nostalgic burgers meets today's fusion. Come have a taste of what many reviews are calling "the best burger we've ever had."

Meet Our Founders: Joe & Robert Gaitan

Our founders, Joe & Robert Gaitan, started Wallbangers Burgers over 20 years ago, but their love for cooking delicious burgers started at a young age. Ever since they were kids, growing up in their mom's kitchen, they loved cooking fresh burgers.

Saving up and working hard, they finally opened their first Wallbangers in Corpus, and soon their next in McAllen. They've stuck to their roots with one common goal: feed people fresh, homemade burgers.

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