Big Banger Challenge

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Big Banger Challenge

The Big Banger Challenge is now available at all 3 Wallbangers locations! What is the Big Banger Challenge?

You have 45 minutes to chow down on:

  • 3 LB Burger, topped with Cheese, Onion Rings, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions all on a huge homemade bun
  • A side of our delicious Sidewinder fries!

If you can finish this entire, tasty burger and fries… BY YOURSELF… in 45 minutes, then it’s FREE! Think you can take down the Big Banger Challenge? Let us know the next time your at Wallbangers?

Not up for the full challenge? You can still order this and SHARE with your family & friends. This burger could easily feed 6-8 people, so it’s a perfect thing to order for a large party!